2015 WICSEC Conference Materials

WICSEC has moved to a new medium from which to view its conference materials. Please go to our 2015 WICSEC Crowd Compass site to browse through our materials.

To navigate to the conference materials after clicking on the link above:

  1. Click on “Schedule” in the left margin menu
  2. Click on “Schedule by Day”
  3. Select one of the dates displayed
  4. Browse through the offerings for the date selected to view the workshop titles
  5. Select a workshop title
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the workshop page window to find any materials associated with the workshop (the word “File” will appear before the title of the workshop materials)
  7. Click on the file you wish to view
  8. The adobe acrobat version of the handout or presentation will display

crowd compass snapshot 2

Visit this link to view the WICSEC Agenda at a Glance 2015