2013 WICSEC Conference Materials

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M-1  Social Security and Child Support – Together Helping Families (CLE)  M-1 Materials
M-2  Performance-Driven Workflow Management  M-2 Moritz
M-2 Garimalla
M-2 Perkins
M-2 Golightly
M-3  Helping Families Through Early Intervention 
M-4  You’re Hired! Grants, Projects, Results – Employment Impacts on CSE 
M-5  Improving the Outcomes of Yound Children Living in Poverty  M-5 Materials
M-KS1  The Art of Establishment I (CLE)  M-KS1 Materials
M-6  What’s Happening in International Child Support (CLE) 
M-7  The FPLS State Services Portal – When You Want Data? Now!  M-7 Materials
M-8  What’s New in the SDU? New Receipting and Disbursement Methods  M-8 Materials
M-9  Now What? Program Impact of Doing Away with Paper Files  M-9 Wusk & Ashley-Wright
M-9 Blackstone
M-9 Havlicek
M-10  Doing Much More with Much Less – “Crowdsourcing 101”  M-10 Polk
M-KS2  The Art of Establishment II (CLE)  M-KS2 Materials
M-11  Unintentional Intolerance (CLE)  M-11 Materials
M-12  Understanding the Differences between UIFSA 1996, 2001, & 2008 (CLE)  M-12 Materials
M-13  Tribal IV-D 101 for States  M-13 Materials
M-14  Making Payment Processing Work Effectively  M-14 Materials
M-15  Using Multi-channel, Two-way Communication Outreach to NCPs & CPs  M-15 Franklin
M-15 Batchelor
M-15 Golightly
M-KS3  ENFORCEMENT:Putting the Pieces Together I (CLE)  M-KS3 Materials
T-16  Medical Support and the ACA: Where are we now? (CLE)  T-16 Sokolik/a> 
T-16 Redmond
T-17  If Today Were the First Day of Your New (Old) Job 
T-17 Tamulonis(2) 
T-18  Working Smarter and NOT Harder – Strategic Uses for Automation  T-18 Materials
T-19  State and Tribal Intergovernmental Case Management Collaboration  T-19 Materials
T-20  Modern Families (CLE)  T-20 Materials
T-KS4  ENFORCEMENT: Putting the Pieces Together II (CLE)  T-KS4 Materials
T-21  Creative & Innovative Civil Contempt Practices (CLE) 
T-22  Intergovernmental “Nightmare” Cases (CLE)  T-22 PowerPoint
T-22 Handout
T-23  Intergovernmental Communication Moves Into the 21st Century  T-23 Materials
T-24  Getting to Work – Help for Unemployed and Underemployed NCPs  T-24 Coultas
T-24 Redmond 
T-24 Thomas 
T-24 Handout
T-25  Update IV-D Law: Four Time Zones & Four Seasons All for You  T-25 Materials 
T-KS5  Self-Assessment – Digging for Gems  T-KS5 Materials
T-26  Unique and Special Collections – Roads Less Traveled (CLE)  T-26 Agenda
T-26 Materials 
T-26 Selected Laws
T-27  Parenting Time Orders in the Child Support Process (CLE) 
T-28  Strategies of High Performing States  T-28 Materials
T-29  Keeping Your Cool – Dealing with Difficult Customers (CLE)
T-30  The FPLS – Your One Stop Locate Source 
T-KS6  The Ins and Outs of Intergovernmental Cases  T-KS6 Materials
W-32  The Ethical IV-D Child Support Attorney (CLE)  W-32 Materials
W-33  Working with the Military and VA: Effective Case Processing  W-33 Handout 
W-33 Materials 
W-34  Federal Policy Update  W-34 Materials
W-34 Handout 
W-35  CSE Automated Systems Improvements – Leveraging the ACA W-35 Materials
W-36  Why Aren’t Our Orders the Same – State Guidelines  W-36 Materials
W-KS7  Putting the Fun in Finance  W-KS7 Materials
W-37  Social Media 
W-38  Hispanic Outreach for Child Support Programs 
W-39  Hospital Paternity Acknowledgment: Models for Outreach (CLE)
W-40  Understanding Full Faith and Credit vs UIFSA  W-40 Materials
W-41  Profiles of Leaders and Adopting Styles That Will Work for You 
W-KS8  Let’s Be Realistic (CLE)  W-KS8 Materials
W-42  UIFSA 101 (CLE)  W-42 Materials
W-43  Succession Planning for Future IV-D Leadership  W-43 Handout (1)
W-43 Handout (2)
W-43 Materials 
W-44  Caseload Management and the FPLS  W-44 Materials
W-45  A Look Inside: The Dept of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons 
W-46  Rise to the Challenge: Advanced UIFSA Scenarios (CLE)  W-46 Materials
W-KS9  Picture Perfect Performance Management  W-KS9 Materials