WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

WICSEC has a strong tradition of delivering first class child support training to front line staff, managers and executives. Dedicated child support experts dedicate their time to design, develop and deliver training to conference attendees. Year after year, these individuals volunteer to participate as speakers, panel members and moderators for the various workshops presented at the conference.
Of the hundreds of presenters who have supported WICSEC that deserve recognition and appreciation, there is a notable group worthy of a special designation. These presenters are typified as follows:

  • They have consistently provided high level presentations at WICSEC Conferences over the course of many years (for example ten or more years);
  • They have served as speaker, presenter, trainer, or moderator for numerous sessions at many conferences (for example twenty or more sessions);
  • They have consistently received positive feedback from attendees;
  • They have developed and shared high quality presentation materials;
  • They are prepared, knowledgeable, and engaging;
  • They are professional and articulate;
  • They are sought out as a repeat performer because of their talent and delivery;
  • They demonstrate their belief in the importance of quality presentations and training;
  • They are unselfish with the gift of their time and attention.

Each year, the WICSEC Board of Directors will nominate speakers to be honored for their service to WICSEC. The WICSEC Awards Committee will select one or more award winners from the individuals nominated and the person(s) selected will receive recognition at the annual WICSEC training conference and be included on this WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame.

2013 WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

Honoree: Kelly Peiper

Congratulations to Kelly Peiper – this year’s WICSEC Presenter Hall of Famer!
Kelly has provided high quality training sessions at WICSEC conferences since the 1999 conference in Springfield, Missouri. She has always been willing to help out in any capacity during conferences. She has filled in whenever someone has asked for her to help, regardless of how little prep time she may have. She has routinely provided multiple interstate training sessions at the same conference. She has also provided training in the area of legal ethics and mock trials with a variety of different scenarios.

Kelly has frequently served as a facilitator in interstate issues. She has willingly provided her expertise to anyone that may have a question about an interstate or intergovernmental case. She is always happy to share her contact information with WICSEC attendees who would like to contact her later with questions. She has always worked to promote better case-processing in the child support world.

Kelly has been a leader in the child support program for a long time. She serves on the NCSEA board and has chaired the policy committee for several years. She is an outstanding presenter and is very enthusiastic about providing training for our conference attendees. Kelly is articulate, organized, and fun when she presents. She is a perfect example of what WICSEC is looking for in a presenter.

2012 WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

Honoree: Melissa Mizelle

Congratulations to Melissa Mizelle – this year’s inductee to the WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame!
Melissa’s service to WICSEC embodies the attributes associated with the key characteristics of the award. To name a few, Melissa has served as a presenter, moderator and coordinator for numerous sessions; consistently received positive feedback from attendees; is prepared, knowledgeable and engaging; and is professional and articulate.

Perhaps most notably, Melissa is exceptionally unselfish with the gift of her time and attention. One only need page through past WICSEC Conference Work Plans to find Melissa’s name associated with session after session. A “look back” at the WICSEC WorkPlan for the 2005 conference held in San Diego, and predictably reveals that Melissa coordinated two separate sessions (Genetic Testing and Medical Support).

Melissa has worked for LabCorp since 1988, taking a brief break in 2006 and 2007 to work overseas in orphanages in South Africa, Russia and Peru. She has presented numerous DNA workshops throughout the country to educate and inform child support professionals and is currently a WICSEC Board Director and serves on the Colorado Family Support Council.

2011 WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

Honoree: David Stillman

Congratulations to this year’s Presenter Hall of Fame Honoree, David Stillman. Throughout his tenure in child support, David has fulfilled multiple positions, served on countless committees, and participated in conferences, training seminars, and workshops across the nation. He is a speaker that, time and time again, draws rave reviews from attendees. As a former IV-D Director, David’s commitment to the program is unparalleled. As a WICSEC Past President, his innovative thought processes, as well as his ability to foster strong collaboration to achieve results, have been an asset to the child support program as a whole, and to WICSEC, for many years. But most of all, whenever asked, David has provided outstanding presentations and engaged in lively debates in many subjects related to child support.

In the words of the criteria set forth for this honor, David is “unselfish with the gift of his time and attention.” Thank you, David!

2010 WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

Honoree: Barry Brooks

If you have attended a WICSEC Conference during the last fifteen years, then you have probably had the opportunity to attend an interstate UIFSA Session featuring Barry Brooks. And as you learned about continuing, exclusive jurisdiction, you most likely noticed a tie featuring the Lone Star State’s colors while enjoying a thorough, engaging and informative UIFSA presentation. Barry has voluntarily shared his knowledge and expertise year after year; offering in-depth (and often entertaining) perspectives on UIFSA, FFCSOA, and more.

For our first annual award honoring these individuals, WICSEC recognized Barry Brooks at the Santa Fe Conference as the inaugural member of the WICSCEC Presenter Hall of Fame. Please join us in honoring and recognizing Barry Brooks; and, of course, if you are in need of some interstate guidance, please do not hesitate to email Barry at: Barry.Brooks@cs.oag.state.tx.us.

Thank you, Barry!