What is WICSEC? The Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council (WICSEC) was formed in 1983. Child Support leaders from the States of Washington and Oregon realized it would be beneficial for all Western States to form an alliance to better deal with the growing issues surrounding the child support enforcement program. Taking its lead from the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) and the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Enforcement Association (ERICSA), a meeting was convened and the Council was established. WICSEC is a non-profit organization of public and private child support enforcement agencies and professionals from states, tribes and territories west of the Mississippi River. Its purposes are: – To foster interstate and inter-jurisdictional cooperation in the establishment and enforcement of child and medical support and the establishment of paternity;

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between and among members of the organization that supports and improves inter-jurisdictional, interstate and international child support practice and procedures;
  • To provide for regular meetings, training workshops, seminars and conferences to discuss, teach and educate the membership in order to achieve continued improvement in child and medical support order establishment, the collection of child and medical support, and paternity establishment; and
  • To recommend and publicize to its membership relevant legislative, organizational and procedural proposals, considerations and changes to the child support enforcement program.

The Council is comprised of seventeen (17) Directors:

  • One (1) Director must be a State IV-D Director from a state west of the Mississippi River;
  • One (1) Director must be a IV-D employee from a state, tribe or U.S. territory west of the Mississippi River;
  • One (1) Director must work for a private business that provides services or products to state or county child support enforcement agencies, or to custodial parents, in a state west of the Mississippi River;
  • One (1) Director serves as a Director at Large, who is a resident of any state, tribe, or U.S. Territory;

All remaining Directors shall be residents of states, tribes or U.S. territories that are west of the Mississippi River, except as expressly provided otherwise in the WICSEC Bylaws

For more information about WICSEC, please see our WICSEC Strategic Plan